A person of big dreams

Hello, nice to meet you.

Welcome to the world of my biggest hobby and passion! Welcome to my dreams and the small miracles I create. 🙂

I’m Lina, a mom of 2 small children, who really are my biggest dream, target, task and miracle. It’s them I have to thank for discovering my hobby which rules my mind since 2013, the year my first daughter was born. The first (and still my favourite) doll was made for her, since then I couldn’t stop.

I enjoy every stitch I make, but being a family person means sleepless nights and (sometimes) tiring days, that’s why sewing a doll takes time. However, I put all my love and attention to it, and I sew only with good mood and good thoughts, and never take it to my hands when tired or angry. Each doll has not only its owner, but also its history, mood and energy.

I sew a doll not only from wool, cotton and yarn, but also from my heart and soul.

For big dreams and small miracles to happen.

Please contact me and we can help another doll to be born. 🙂

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