Warming toys

The warming toys I make are small 22 cm (8,6 in) soft handmade dolls stuffed with wool, with a small bag of salt or buckwheat inside. All you have to do is to warm the bag in the oven or microwave (make sure it isn’t too hot!) and put it back to the dolls belly. The wool takes the warmth of the bag and the toy stays warm longer, giving your child a snuggy hug and thermal healing.

The warmth is not only nice and pleasing; it also heals when the child is sick, has cold or belly bains, it calms and helps to fall asleep. It also helps by sinusitis or bronchitis. The toy can be used as a snuggy friend since the very first days, it also is suitable for learning and teething. 🙂

Each toy lives in his own bag, containing short instructions of using. It’s a perfect gift visiting a newborn!

Here are all the colours and combinations, you can choose whatever you like!

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