Cosy hot water bag cover – blue haired doll

This warming doll – cosy hot water bag is a perfect kids “get well soon” gift.
Whether you’re into natural medicine or looking after gifts for kids or new parents gift – this essentialy is a hot/cold water bottle cover, that is ideal for kids. When warm it is a comforting aid for an ill child and great at releaving tummy, muscle and joint pains. Use cold icy water for speeding up the healing of bruises.
The bag is shaped like a doll, therefore not frightening for small children, but rather soft and snuggly instead, something that will be greatly appreciated by your little one. Natural power of water will take care of children health.
Full size around is 32 cm (12.6 in)
DOES INCLUDE a a hot water bottle container, PVC, 20×12 cm (7,9×4,7 in), capacity 450 ml (15 oz)
This warming doll is based on Waldorf-doll conception, made of cotton and yarn, stuffed with natural wool, soft and cosy. The dress is removable to wash by hand, decorated with had-crocheted ornaments. It is healing, comforting and relieving pains.
When the child not feeling well, is sick, in pains or just wants to get comfy, just let him snuggle up with this cosy warming doll.

WARNING! When filled with hot water, this IS NOT A TOY! Parental supervision is obligatory! 



A start of my brand new look. 🙂 “A doll with pink hair”- that was a desire of the little girl this toy was made to. I had too little time, but that was a challenge, which led me to new discoveries. The hair was made differently which opened a much wider range of possibilities, the face, hands, feet, belly and other body parts more sculpted. The dress was difficult to sew, but as all the outfit for the dolls I make it is easy for a child to undress and train those little fingers. The hair is suitable for brushing and combing, which leads to almost an unlimited choice of hairdos.

Joris #2

Sometimes it happens. A doll needs a doctor! So this littel fella I wrote a while ago, needed some surgery. Now he’s as fit as new, renewed, improved, more beautiful and with some new clothes for his wardrobe… 🙂 Ready to go back home! And in the meantime, he’s enjoying spring, blossoms and a walk in the woods.

Amelija Sofija

A winter fairy – a doll for a special girl AND her mother (who knows who needs it more at the moment). Pink-colour-lover, with warm undressable clothes and a beautiful dress which seemed to have a character… 🙂 Amelija Sofija was born in winter, like her owner, and came with snow like a real winter fairy.

Kake Make

Kake Make – a doll based on a very popular character for children. Strange but we still don’t have any dolls of it (but there is toothpaste, drinking water, chocolate, tea etc) so a little girl wanted it for her birthday… It was a challenge in many ways, including time. The record has been reached, the doll was made in one week! 🙂 It also has big ears as the prototype and bristling hair and the shoes and – oh my what a job – checkered overalls. But the little girl recognized the character, and that’s the best evaluation! 😉


A gift for a long-waited newborn girl. She’s still too small to play with toys, but let’s hope she’ll love her princess doll once she’s a bit older. 🙂 This time, the name came together with the doll – it’s not a childs name. It happens sometimes, I guess the doll chooses the name itself. Sewing is a long taking process, enough time for a name to originate.


A doll for a girl with a very strong character (and a lover of blue color)… And somehow it also turned a doll with a character too, not a puffy princess. 😀 Not on purpose, but when I sew for a particular person, the doll becomes similar to its owner.


A little bit strange name for your ear? As most of the dolls, this one also has a name of a child it is made for. A little nice boy with a strong ancient Lithuanian name. Hmm, despite his hair is short, it requires as much time as sewing a long-haired girl. 🙂


Who said the dolls are only for kids? This one is for an adult person. A wicky white witch with long curly hair… And a breast of course. It’s not a girl if you have any questions! We are different, so boy-dolls also have something only the boys have. Otherwise what boy would that be?..