About the dolls

There are many different dolls in the world. What’s so special about mine?

Small Miracles dolls are based on Waldorf dolls  conception (you can find the main information at https://www.smallmiraclesdolls.wordpress.com). They are made only when ordered, for one particular person (existing or not yet (e.g. a coming baby). So the doll itself acquires some traits of that person (not on purpose), it has its own character and attributes from the very start. As all the handmade things, it is the only and unique.

They have something special – a little heart inside their chest, something intended for that specific doll and the person it’s being made for. It can be something I feel is needed or anything you bring a meaning – amber, sea stone with a hole, shell, ring, cross… It also has a little note with written wishes or traits for that someone special. As I sew a doll, I put all my love and good thoughts to it, I never take it to my arms when angry or tired. Each doll has its own energy and also its own special heart with wishes from me and you.

The doll can be anything you want to. As a boy, it also has something only the boys have – otherwise how would you know it’s a boy? 😉 A child can undress the doll completely, the clothes are removable, so you can wash them or sew something yourself. It’s also useful for the children to train undressing the dolls and fastening the buttons.

The hair is easy to brush, band and braid without any fear it gets damaged. The doll is soft, warm and cosy. The arms and legs move and bend. Size approx. 35 cm (13.8 in), weight 200 g (0.44 lb).

The only deficiency is that the doll cannot be simply bathed (look at the cleaning instructions). In other occasions, it will be the best friend for your child!

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