The world

The world of dreams and miracles

Meet the dolls that are born from dreams and create small miracles in people’s hearts. Each doll as unique as the person it’s being made for himself. 100% handmade, stuffed with warmth, love and care, good thoughts and wishes.

The dolls are made mainly for children. They are completely safe, suitable for hugging, playing, loving, snuggling. The hair is intended for brushing and combing, all of the outfit easy to undress to train the little fingers. The dolls are easily sculpted, they have face traits, fingers, belly and cheeks. Each toy unique, made specially for that one child.

What are they? What’s so special? How are they made? Who owns them? Who makes them? Here you can find all the answers.

For wedding, baby shower, baby’s arrival, baptism, birthday, any occasion… The Small Miracles dolls are suitable in many ways. They can be as diverse as the humanity itself. A boy, a girl, white, black, blue, a witch, a princess, a goth. Any wishes? Just let me know. 😉

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